Friday, May 2, 2008

El bastón mágico (The Magical Cane) by María Celeste Arrarás

El bastón mágico
(The Magical Cane)
by María Celeste Arrarás


Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: January 2008
Cover / Cubierta: Trade Paperback
Pages / Páginas: 32
Dimensions / Medidas: 9 x 20
Subject / Tema: Hispanic Authors / Autores Hispanos; Latino Books Month
ISBN-10: 0545005329
ISBN-13: 9780545005326
Your Price / Su Precio: $5.99


From the Publisher:

When an old woman approaches Karmelo and Moconoco, Moconoco steals her golden walking cane. He wickedly breaks the cane into three pieces as Karmelo helps her up. The old woman curses Moconoco with three of everything-- three eyes, three ears, three noses. She rewards Karmelo for his kindness with the broken cane, promising happiness when the three pieces are united. Moconoco grows up to be an evil emperor and Karmelo grows up to be a poor slave. He gives the pieces to his three children and with the help of the cane, they must save their land from the cruel emperor!

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